ANIMA  4.0
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anima::BrentRootFindingAlgorithm Class Reference

#include <animaBrentRootFindingAlgorithm.h>

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Public Types

using ParametersType = Superclass::ParametersType
using Superclass = BaseRootFindingAlgorithm
- Public Types inherited from anima::BaseRootFindingAlgorithm
using BaseCostFunctionPointer = BaseCostFunctionType::Pointer
using BaseCostFunctionType = itk::SingleValuedCostFunction
using ParametersType = BaseCostFunctionType::ParametersType

Public Member Functions

double Optimize () ITK_OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from anima::BaseRootFindingAlgorithm
 BaseRootFindingAlgorithm ()
double GetCostFunctionTolerance ()
double GetFunctionValueAtInitialLowerBound ()
double GetFunctionValueAtInitialUpperBound ()
double GetLowerBound ()
unsigned int GetMaximumNumberOfIterations ()
bool GetProvidedFunctionValueAtInitialLowerBound ()
bool GetProvidedFunctionValueAtInitialUpperBound ()
BaseCostFunctionTypeGetRootFindingFunction ()
double GetRootRelativeTolerance ()
double GetUpperBound ()
void SetCostFunctionTolerance (const double &val)
void SetFunctionValueAtInitialLowerBound (const double &val)
void SetFunctionValueAtInitialUpperBound (const double &val)
void SetLowerBound (const double &val)
void SetMaximumNumberOfIterations (const unsigned int &val)
void SetRootFindingFunction (BaseCostFunctionType *f)
void SetRootRelativeTolerance (const double &val)
void SetUpperBound (const double &val)
virtual ~BaseRootFindingAlgorithm ()

Detailed Description

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◆ ParametersType

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◆ Superclass

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Optimize()

double anima::BrentRootFindingAlgorithm::Optimize ( )

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