ANIMA  4.0
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animaVMFDistribution.hxx File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include "animaVMFDistribution.h"
#include <animaVectorOperations.h>
#include <animaLogarithmFunctions.h>
#include <vnl/vnl_matrix.h>
#include <itkMacro.h>
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template<class VectorType , class ScalarType >
double anima::ComputeVMFPdf (const VectorType &v, const VectorType &meanDirection, const ScalarType &kappa)
template<class ScalarType >
double anima::GetVonMisesConcentrationMLE (const ScalarType rbar)
 Maximum likelihood estimation of the concentration parameter of the 2D von Mises distribution according to Mardia, Statistics of Directional Data, 1972. More...
template<class ScalarType , unsigned int Dimension>
double anima::VMFDistance (const itk::Point< ScalarType, Dimension > &muFirst, const double &kappaFirst, const itk::Point< ScalarType, Dimension > &muSec, const double &kappaSec)