ANIMA  4.0
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animaRemoveTouchingBorderFilter.h File Reference
#include <itkImageToImageFilter.h>
#include <itkImageRegionIterator.h>
#include <itkImageRegionConstIterator.h>
#include <itkLabelImageToLabelMapFilter.h>
#include <itkLabelMapToLabelImageFilter.h>
#include <itkLabelContourImageFilter.h>
#include <itkConnectedComponentImageFilter.h>
#include <animaReadWriteFunctions.h>
#include <itkMultiThreaderBase.h>
#include "animaRemoveTouchingBorderFilter.hxx"
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class  anima::RemoveTouchingBorderFilter< TInput, TMask, TOutput >
 Class selecting the connected components touching a given mask border. In MRI, external CSF may contain artifacts due to fluid flow. These effects can cause voxels in the cortex or external CSF to have intensities similar to MS lesions. In order to reduce the number of false positives due to these effects, we remove all candidate lesions that are contiguous to the brain mask border. More...