ANIMA  4.0
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animaReadWriteFunctions.h File Reference
#include <itkImageFileReader.h>
#include <itkImageFileWriter.h>
#include <itkExtractImageFilter.h>
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template<class InputImageType , class OutputImageType >
std::vector< itk::SmartPointer< OutputImageType > > anima::getImagesFromHigherDimensionImage (InputImageType *inputImage)
 Get a vector of input images from a higher dimensional image. More...
template<class ImageType >
itk::SmartPointer< ImageType > anima::readImage (std::string filename)
template<class InputImageType , class ImageFilterType >
unsigned int anima::setMultipleImageFilterInputsFromFileName (std::string &fileName, ImageFilterType *filter)
 Set inputs of an image to image filter from a file name containing either a list of files or a higher dimensional image. More...
template<class OutputImageType >
void anima::writeImage (std::string filename, OutputImageType *img)