ANIMA  4.0
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animaBoundedLevenbergMarquardtOptimizer.h File Reference
#include <itkMultipleValuedNonLinearOptimizer.h>
#include <animaBLMLambdaCostFunction.h>
#include "AnimaOptimizersExport.h"
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class  anima::BoundedLevenbergMarquardtOptimizer
 Levenberg-Marquardt optimizer with lower and upper bounds on parameters Implementation of the original algorithmm, very well described in K. Madsen, H.B. Nielsen and O. Tingleff. Methods for non-linear least squares problems. 2004 Bounded version by projection as suggested by Kanzow et al. but with a lot of modifications, including calculation of optimal lambda C. Kanzow, N. Yamashita and M. Fukushima. Levenberg-Marquardt methods with strong local convergence properties for solving nonlinear equations with convex constraints. Journal of computational and applied mathematics. 172:375-397, 2004. More...